(Pocket-lint) - What is it about car rides that make kids pass out?

Is it the gentle vibrations, the glow of lights, the hum of the engine, or the closed-in environment? Ford has been asking itself all these questions, apparently, because it just debuted a smart crib for infants that essentially mimics a car ride. Called Max Motor Dreams, the crib features LED lights and bottom-mounted speakers, which seem to simulate street lights and muffled engine sounds, respectively.


It'll subtly vibrate and rock to simulate the movements of riding in a backseat. And because it's smart, it comes with an app that parents can use to track their car’s route and actually reproduce the sound and feeling of that drive for their baby. This is one high-tech bassinet. Unfortunately, Roadshow said that Ford has only built one, but if there's enough interest, the automaker could enter full production.

Ford's Spanish arm is holding a sweepstakes right now so that a lucky set of parents out there can get Max Motor Dreams for their little one. They just have to sign up to test drive one of Ford's Max vehicles.

Writing by Elyse Betters.