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(Pocket-lint) - Meta has announced that its Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses will be getting new hands-free features.

With the latest update, users can listen to WhatsApp messages as well as make calls via WhatsApp.


It works, as you might expect, in a similar fashion to other voice assistants.

You'll say something like "Hey Facebook, send a message to X" or "Hey Facebook, call X" to trigger the new features.

When you get a new WhatsApp message, the glasses will say "New message on WhatsApp from X: Is now a good time to talk?"

In a coming update, Meta will be adding the ability to reply to WhatsApp messages by saying "Hey Facebook, reply..." once the incoming message has been read to you.

Of course, with all WhatsApp communications, you are protected with end-to-end encryption, and that's the case when using the hands-free features, too.

Meta says voice commands relating to WhatsApp calls and messages and their associated transcripts are never stored on its servers.

The feature will also be rolling out to Italian and French-speaking users later in the year.

If you want to get in on the high-tech eyewear bandwagon, the Ray-Ban Stories start at $299 / £299 and are available with prescription lenses.


Writing by Luke Baker.