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(Pocket-lint) - In 2021, Meta revealed it had partnered with Ray-Ban to create some smart glasses. Dubbed Ray-Ban Stories, those glasses were only initially available in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Italy and the United Kingdom. 

The stylish smart eyewear was obviously popular though, as now the company has announced that it's bringing Ray-Ban Stories to more countries within Europe including Spain, Austria, Belgium and France. France has to wait until 14 April, but the other regions can now purchase Ray-Ban Stories online direct and via select stores. 



If you don't know already, Ray-Ban Stories are designed to help you capture the world around you and stay "present" at the same time while keeping your phone tucked away in your pocket. 

These smart glasses pack dual integrated 5MP cameras along with a three-microphone audio array, so you can take photos and video hands-free as well as place and receive calls. According to Meta, people have been using Ray-Ban Stories for all sorts including skydiving, capturing snippets of music festivals and sharing their travels. 

Now, the company is not only making the glasses available to more people but also improving the features too. 

For a start, you'll now be able to capture more video. Previously Ray-Ban Stories were limited to recording 30 seconds of footage. In April, Meta says you'll be able to record for twice as long (60 seconds) by tweaking settings in the Facebook View app. 

At the same time, updates will mean that users will be able to use voice commands in French and Italian as well. 

April's rollout will also see the option of more colour combinations. So you'll have more to choose from. Those will include Round Shiny Black with Gray Transitions, Round Shiny Black with Brown Transitions, Wayfarer Matte Black with Gray Transitions and Wayfarer Shiny Black with Brown Transitions. This will bring the total up to 28 variations to choose from.  

Writing by Adrian Willings.
  • Source: Bringing Ray-Ban Stories to Four New Countries; New Features and Color Combinations - tech.fb.com
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