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(Pocket-lint) - Facebook has introduced a new wake word that works with its family of Portal smart displays as well as the Oculus Quest platform. You can now say "Hey Facebook", rather than "Hey Portal" or whatever, to get your Facebook devices to listen to your voice commands.

The company recently announced it was gradually rolling out the new wake word to Quest headsets, but its Portal support page now lists “Hey Facebook” as well. It appears it stopped using “Hey Portal” exclusively in February 2021.

Here's how to set up your device so that you can start using "Hey Facebook".


How to get the 'Hey Facebook' wake word

Portal devices

The "Hey Facebook” wake word lets you use your Facebook Portal device hands-free to make requests or ask questions using your voice. You can choose to use either “Hey Facebook” or the original "Hey Portal" wake word to activate a response to your voice commands.

If "Hey Facebook" is available to you, you should simply be able to say “Hey Facebook” when you want Portal to start a video call, check the weather, or respond to other commands. If it isn't automatically available, here's how you can enable “Hey Facebook”:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap Assistants.
  3. Tap “Hey Facebook.”
  4. Below General, tap Wake Word.
  5. Tap next to Hey Facebook to choose your wake word.

Note: You cannot change to “Hey Facebook” on your Portal TV.

Oculus devices

Facebook has also begun rolling out “Hey Facebook” to people using the Quest 2 headset. You can find and enable the wake word via the Experimental Features panel within the headset's settings. Once enabled, you can say something like “Hey Facebook, take a screenshot", “Hey Facebook, show me who’s online",  or “Hey Facebook, open Supernatural" to get started.

Note: Quest won't listen for the “Hey Facebook” when the microphone is turned off, or when the headset is asleep or powered down. You can also still use the Voice Commands app to issue commands by double-tapping the Oculus button (no “Hey Facebook” required).

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 26 February 2021.