(Pocket-lint) - Elgato has revealed some more products designed to further enhance the background visuals and audio of your gaming space.

This includes Elgato Light Strip and Elgato Wave Panels. The latter promises reduction in room echo and reverb while the former gives off flicker-free, controllable lighting that's the perfect background addition to video or a streaming space.

Flicker-free lighting


The Elgato Light Strip is designed to help creators make their content stand out from the crowd, with controllable RGB lighting that's not only bright, but also flicker-free thanks to an intelligent Pulse Width Modulation setup.

This means that you don't get that nasty strobing effect you sometimes get from other cheaper lights. It also offers convenient app-controlled ambient lighting that you can tweak via the Elgato Control Center app, desktop software and even via Elgato's Stream Deck

The Elgato Light Strip shines bright thanks to 108 RGBWW LEDs, but also offers a wide range of colour adjustment and warmth settings. It's capable of outputting up to 2,000 lumens in color temperatures from 3,500-6,500K. Which means that you can get easy-on-the-eye lighting day or night with a simple press of a button. 

Stylish modular hexagonal panels


Meanwhile, the Elgato Wave Panels are designed to not only add an interesting visual aesthetic to your room or gaming space, but also to help cancel out annoying background noise that might be picked up by your microphone. 

These panels feature a dual-layer dense foam construction that promises to help reduce echo and reverberation to result in a more satisfying audio experience. The hexagonal modular design and choice of colours also mean you can personalise the look and feel of your panels to fit your space. EasyClick Frames, strong adhesive strips and wall anchors make for a sturdy fit but also the ability to easily remove and remount should you want to reposition them in future. 

Both the Elgato Wave Panels and Light Strip are available to purchase now. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.