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(Pocket-lint) - We get a lot of kit here at Pocket-lint, but some things don't fit under our usual reviews remit. That's why we sometimes have to highlight great products we really like in other ways.

The Dyson Lightcyle Morph is one such product. It's been in our living room for a few weeks and we can honestly say it's one of the best bits of everyday tech we've seen for some time. 


For several years Dyson has developed task-orientated lighting for those who do close work - from artists to architects - but the Lightcycle Morph takes this a stage further with a light that can be used for tasks, as well as ambient lighting. 

As you'd expect, the product features some stunning design and technology. In addition to controls on the light arm itself, you can also fine-tune operation in the associated app. The first part of the arm can be moved around 360-degrees, while the top part can twist around as well, so you can position the light wherever you want. 

Here are five things we love about the Lightcycle Morph.

Pocket-lint5 Things We Love About Dysons Lightcycle Morph A Light For All Seasons image 1

1. It'll give you the right type of light

  • 11.2W rated power
  • Up to 850 lumens light output

You can get the Lightcycle to emit the right type of light depending on the lighting in the room. It can automatically track daylight using a new algorithm and adjust accordingly. Or you can just move it between stark task lighting and a warm light for the evening. 

It'll even ask you how old you are when you set it up, too. Yes, you guessed it - it'll deliver stronger light for older people, whether they're working away or simply reading to wind-down in the evening. 

2. The light will last for ages

  • Powered by three LED lights
  • 181,000 hour lifetime

The lamp itself designed to maintain the same quality of light for a remarkable 60 years. That's based around a usage time of eight hours per day. 

This longevity is thanks in part to Dyson's self-developed heat pipe tech, which keeps the LEDs cool. Certainly, we've found the lamp stays fairly cool even when in super bright task mode. 

Even the cords that wind their way through the lamp are designed so they won't fray when you twist or rotate the arms.

Dyson5 things we love about Dysons Lightcycle Morph A light for all seasons image 1

3. There's a desk version too

  • Smaller size, but otherwise identical
  • Less than 1% flicker

Although we've been using Dyson Lightcycle Morph in our living room as a standard lamp, it comes in a desk variant, too. Again, you can use it as a task lamp or as an ambient light. 


As a task lamp, the Lightcycle Morph is super bright, ideal for anything from precision modelling to writing to jigsaw puzzles. This light has a cooler temperature designed to help you focus. 

Pocket-lint5 Things We Love About Dysons Lightcycle Morph A Light For All Seasons image 1

4. It's a brilliant ambient light

  • 1,546 average lux level
  • 1800-3400K colour temperature when docked

You can also use it as an ambient light - simply twist the arm to bounce light off the walls, or you can retract the arm and 'dock' it so it shines down through the stem of the lamp, giving you a nice diffused glow effect that spreads light through a room.

This mode has reduced blue light to relax you more. You can also configure it to wake you up gradually or go into a reduced mode during the night. 

5 Things We Love About Dysons Lightcycle Morph A Light For All Seasons image 1

5. It's all controlled via the Dyson Link app

  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Works with Amazon Alexa voice control
  • Can be used to control other Dyson connected devices

The Dyson Link app isn't the most flexible app as it doesn't work with Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant - but you can automate stuff thanks to Amazon Alexa.

For the Lightcycle Morph, there are numerous options you can configure. As well as the basic stuff - switching it on and off and controlling the light temperature manually - you can schedule it to turn on too. It can be programmed to turn on at random intervals if you're away, for example.

You can also get it to mirror the sunset and sunrise settings where you are; simply feed it your location and it'll do the rest. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.