(Pocket-lint) - Dyson's latest invention is a hair straightener that uses lower heat to style with half the damage of conventional hot-heat devices. 

Seven years in the making, the Dyson Corrale can be used corded or cordless (charging in 70 minutes for 30 minutes of use), while there's a dock you can put it in, too, that can connect to the magnetic charging cable. As you'd expect from a Dyson device you do pay for that extra tech - the Corrale clocks in at $499/£399.


The 15-section magnesium copper alloy plates are machined down so that they are flexible yet also provide enough pressure to clamp and style the hair.

They're able to clamp evenly, meaning that less heat is required and the entirety of the hair in the clamp is styled for the entire length. The Corrale has three heat settings – 165°C (330°F), 185°C (365°F) and 210°C (410°F). 

The plates are undoubtedly the clever part, designed at Dyson's HQ in Malmesbury, Wiltshire and manufactured in Germany. 


Each plate is precision machined to 65 microns – the width of a human hair – and the edges are coated to produce ionising properties that reduce static.

Conventional straighteners lose effectiveness as you move down the hair while there are also loose strands, but Dyson says this isn't the case with Corrale leading to fewer passes over the same hair - and so less damage to hair strength, glossiness or colour. 

Dyson has been researching hair tech for around a decade now, resulting in 2016's Supersonic hairdryer - hot air being more along the lines of traditional Dyson expertise - and subsequently the Dyson AirWrap styler in 2018. The straighteners, therefore, are the third gadget in the collection. 


The company says it has invested over £100 million in haircare and has several laboratories working on testing different types of hair across the globe. The Corrale itself represents £25 million worth of research and development and has been extensively tested including trialling it on800 people in five countries. 

We saw one of the labs in action when we visited Dyson's Malmesbury HQ last week and we'll show you more about that in a feature later this week on Pocket-lint. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.