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(Pocket-lint) - Dyson's latest foray into lighting is designed to maintain the same quality of light for a remarkable 60 years.

It'll emit the right type of light depending on the lighting in the room - as well as the user's age. Yes, it'll deliver stronger light for older workers and readers. 

The new multipurpose light isn't cheap though, priced at $650/£500 for the Desk variant and $850/£650 for the Floor variant.

The variable light is based on a new "daylight tracking algorithm" which alter three cool and three warm LEDs powered by cords that pass through the centre of the lamp. These enable 360-degree manoeuvrability so you can place it however you want. 

The Dyson Lightcycle Morph comes in desk or floor variants and is designed for several purposes as its name suggests. It can be a room-filler to bounce light off walls and ceilings, a task lamp to reduce eye strain (through low flicker) or to highlight a feature in a particular space.

You can also use it as a glowing ambient light, too, so you could have it on when you wake up or, thanks to a reduced blue light mode, use it as an evening lamp.

DysonDysons mad-expensive Lightcycle Morph LED light is made to last 60 years image 2

A Precision mode can also accurately emulate daylight by emitting high-intensity light with a cooler temperature. Everything is controlled through the same Dyson Link App used by the company's connected fan range. 

The 60 year lifespan is based on a usage time of eight hours per day and is thanks to Dyson's own heat pipe tech to keep the LEDs cool. 

Dyson's growing range of lighting is the brainchild of former interior designer Jake Dyson - the son of Dyson founder James Dyson. It's the first major launch Dyson has made since it canned UK work on its electric car project last year. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.