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(Pocket-lint) - We're big fans (haha) of Dyson's range of air purifiers and heaters and the new Pure Cryptomic series is set to do even more to get rid of pollutants and irritants in your home air. 

Indeed, the new models - available in fan-only and fan-plus-heater (Hot+Cool) versions with the familiar Air Multiplier oscillating fan - will even get rid of formaldehyde now without having to replace expensive charcoal filters. Again they can be used with the Dyson Pure Link app. 

There are stacks of common household items that contain formaldehyde including some furniture but also paints and varnishes. A display on the new Cryptomic fans will show you pollutant readings as it works away, and the device can be tilted should you wish.

The new models follow on from the Pure Cool tower fans we previously covered but they use Cryptomelane as a catalyst for the reaction to filter out toxins - the filter never needs replacing. This material means that the fan can deal with smaller particles than ever before. 

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Writing by Dan Grabham.