(Pocket-lint) - DJI has introduced a new model to its popular Osmo Mobile smartphone gimbal range, and this latest version - the OM 4 - introduces an innovative new magnetic attachment system as well as some more advanced shooting modes. 

On first impressions, the OM 4 looks virtually identical to the Osmo Mobile 3, and that's because - for the most part - it's the same design. 

The handheld gimbal uses a similar combination of buttons and controls and has that same folding arm at the top which makes it neat and compact when folded down. 

It is - however - vastly different when it comes to attaching the phone to the accessory, thanks to a new magnetic attachment system. 

Users who buy the new OM 4 will be able to choose between using a slim, metal grip with extendable arms or using the magnetic metal disk that adheres directly to the back of a smartphone. 

Once attached, it snaps into place on the gimbal using a strong magnet and means there are no grips or claws clamped on to the side of the phone and that means there are no obstructions to any ports or buttons. 

Saying that, the detachable grip with extendable arms features such slim arms/grips that it adds very little bulk to the sides of the smartphone. 

As well as reinventing the smartphone attachment system, DJI has added a host of new shooting modes to the companion Mimo app. 

There a host of movements added, including DynamicZoom which mimics that favourite cinematic look for horror movies and scary scenes where the camera moves back and zooms in simultaneously to keep the subject in its same position, but warps the background. 

In addition to that, there are Timelapse, Motionlapse and Hyperlapse modes. Motonlapse being a timelapse where you program the phone to move between two points as it's capturing its timelapse footage. 

There's slow-motion, sport mode, panorama modes plus a spin shot capability to get creative with.  

The OM 4 connects to the smartphone over Bluetooth, so all of your physical ports are still accessible, and it has a standard 3/8-inch screw thread at its base so you can attach it to a tripod or use the mini tripod legs that ship with it, for those times you want it standing still. 

DJI's latest Osmo device is available for purchase today for $149 in the USA, £139 in the UK or between €145-€149 in the EU, depending on VAT. 


Writing by Cam Bunton.