(Pocket-lint) - The ultimate smartphone gimbal - designed to steady video footage capture in real-time - returns for round three: say hello to the DJI Osmo Mobile 3.

The follow-up to the secon-gen model - which we rather loved, when reviewed in the middle of 2018 - brings an improved design in a number of ways.

First, it folds! As this gimbal system is relatively chunky, the ability to fold it down makes it far more portable. And there's a carry case and pounch included to keep it protected too.

Second, there's a tripod screw mount on the bottom, rather than the clunky platform of the second-gen model. As the Osmo Mobile 3 can track subjects - including activation with gesture control, for automated tracking of yourself - this makes a solid platform for when shooting solo.

Third, the trigger control present on the first-gen (but absent from the second-gen) returns. This can be used for quick re-centering of the phone. The joystick and zoom controls remain, too, ensuring lots of control to motorise capture is available all within a thumb's reach.

Best of all, the Osmo 3 is no more expensive than its predecessor. It's available now, priced £119 for the Combo kit (complete with case, strap and tripod legs) or just £99 without the accessories. That's even cheaper than its predecessor, making it a total bargain!

We got to sample the product at DJI's HQ in China ahead of its official unveiling. Check out our fuller first thoughts below:

Writing by Mike Lowe.