It seems that Dell has decided to change its mind over the its no comment stance this morning following the posting of our story on the site.

The company has now provided us with some more information and confirmed the rumours that it will be cutting back its MP3 player offering in the UK.

In a statement to, the computer company has said the following:

“Dell is streamlining its Digital Jukebox product portfolio to better complement its core businesses, and tightening product focus in the areas it has the best opportunity to deliver value and a great experience to customers.”

“Dell will continue to offer the DJ Ditty flash music player.”

“Dell will provide technical support and warranty coverage for all DJs and Dell DJ-branded peripherals per the terms of Dell's limited warranty and otherwise as defined in the service agreement sold with the device.”

“Dell remains committed to its consumer business. We constantly strive to provide customers with quality products and services that meet their diverse needs at the best values in the industry.”

So there you have it, slightly more than the “We refuse to comment on the rumours”, comment this morning.