Creative has announced a new touchscreen MP3 player at IFA on Wednesday called the Creative Zen X-Fi2 that promises to be a cheap alternative to the iPod touch and Sony X-Series players.

Priced at £99 for the 8GB model, the new player will comes with a 3-inch touchscreen sub QVGA screen, Lossless performance, video and picture playback and AV out via a cable in the box.

Attempting to woo you further the player, which also comes in 16GB (£149) and 32GB (£199) sizes, will pack a microSD card slot and FM radio.

Supported formats include MP3, WMA, AAC, Audile 4 and FLAC files. There is also a voice recorder and built-in speaker for good measure.

The player will be available in the UK in the next 2 weeks according to the spokesman we were talking to.