Reports that Creative are planning a Wi-Fi-enabled media player have been circulating in cyberspace for some time, so long in fact the device's rumoured name has changed from the original "Share", presumably a preproduction code-name, to the apparently ready for market "X-Fi" moniker.

The latest news on this mysterious new device, that was initially said to boast Zune-like sharing abilities as well as iPod touch-like wireless downloads, is that Creative will offer the player in conjunction with "virtual" storage for user's music libraries.

The report, from an anonymous insider source, appears on an unofficial Creative blog and reads as follows:

"One of the main functions Creative may be touting for their upcoming Zen X-Fi (or Zen Share) is the ability to access a virtual storage system..."

"...Basically Creative will be leasing out virtual space, say in 2GB increments, that you can purchase and access from your player at any Wi-Fi hotspot. You can then stream and play back your media files over this wireless network."

With a rumoured 32GB memory capacity for the new model, that is said to follow the current Zen's form factor design-wise, it's an interesting way to boost the number of songs available to users on the move, but may be seen as a pretty convoluted solution when 160GB rival products are available off the shelf with no streaming to mess about with.