Creative has announced UK availability and pricing for their latest additions to the ZEN Stone family, the new models that offer built-in speakers.

With the Plus with speakers you can either listen to your music via headphones, or use the device as a teeny boom-box.

With a rechargeable battery, which supports up to 20 hours playtime, the Stones can store songs in MP3 and WMA formats, and also works with iTunes Plus content (unprotected AAC files).

The player hooks up to your PC via mini-USB connection for downloads and charging. Other functions include a built-in FM radio, microphone, clock and stopwatch.

Available in the UK from the first of March, the Stone 2GB (with no screen but a built-in speaker) in black will cost £29.99. The 2GB Stone Plus with speaker will be £37.99 in a choice of black, champagne, pink and blue while the 4GB model with speaker, only in black, will be £49.99.