QDOS are offering FM Transmitters designed especially to work with Creative's ZEN V and ZEN V Plus MP3 players.

As with all FM transmitters, these accessories allows you to listen to music from a ZEN V or a ZEN V Plus on a car radio with a simple wireless connection.

All you have to do is find a free FM frequency on the car radio, and then set the FM Transmitter to this same frequency and music from the the MP3 player will be transmitted to your car radio.

The Transmitter claims robust support on a swivel holder for adjusting the ZEN to any angle, promises a clearly legible integrated LCD screen and large keys so that you can easily choose the transmission frequency.

The device memorises the usual transmission frequency, which means you can programme a "ZEN link" in your car radio, and offers recharging of the ZEN player via the cigarette lighter.

The QDOS FM Transmitter is available online now for £39.99.