Creative are going to be launching a particularly exciting new product at the IFA 2007 show at the end of this month.

Said to be a departure for the company, with everything top secret at the moment, we can only speculate as to what this might mean.

Creative recently launched their ZEN Wav MP3 player in the States after a previous debut in the Far East.

But, we can't believe this unexciting effort would justify the "departure" tag - hopefully it's something completely new.

Another newbie from Creative was the availability of their ZEN V Plus in 16GB capacity, impressive, but that doesn't seem to fit the bill either.

Sony is also said to be launching exciting and "significant" products at this year's IFA (possibly the "Rolly" MP3 player) so it's going to be an eventful show.

Pocket-lint will not only be attending the IFA event, but also be interviewing a top Creative bod while we're out there, so you can be sure we will bring you the scoop.

In the meantime, why not share your thoughts on what you might like to see from Creative by following the link below right?