Launched in Singapore, Creative has manage to cram a 16GB capacity flash hard drive into one of their weeny ZEN V Plus MP3 player models.

For a flash-based player to offer such a chunky capacity is impressive, and will have HD based efforts looking over their shoulders in fear.

If capacity is what you're into (size


matter) then this is a huge kick in the pants for Apple's iPod nano, available in a now-measly looking 8GB.

To be released in a white on black colour scheme (pictured) this diddy player will offer plenny of space for tunes and even videos to be viewed on the 1.5-inch OLED display.

Our Creative contact in the UK said there's no expanded-memory ZEN V Plus planned for Europe for the time being, so sadly, looks like a Far East offering for now.

If you're not sulking too much, then you might not want to hit the link below to the product page on the Creative site.