Creative has launched the follow up to the ZEN Stone – the ZEN Stone Plus - a featherweight 2GB MP3 player with some additional features.

The ZEN Stone Plus boasts a round blue display for easy, at-a-glance track and feature selection, an FM radio, a clock that also functions as a stopwatch and voice recording.

Like the ZEN Stone, the ZEN Stone Plus comes in six high-gloss colours: black, white, red, blue, pink and green.

It has the same smooth, contoured design as the previous version but its 2GB memory can store up to 1000 songs with easy drag-and-drop functionality.

The songs can be organised in favourite artist or playlists folder and can be played in normal or shuffle modes.

Here at we liked the Zen Stone, giving at a 9/10 rating and a "Hot Pocket" accolade, but one thing we did think it could do with was a clip.

Creative have addressed this ommision via accessories as you can now buy silicone skins that come with a clip available in five colours.

Other accessories available include a sporty armband, a wristband that doubles as a watch band for the clock/stopwatch feature and a keychain which includes a tiny case to carry the player.

The Creative Zen Stone Plus is available now for £49.99, for more information follow the link below.