Creative has launched yet another webcam to its stable of webcams, and while this one may not be as high-spec as some of the other options, it offers easy plug-and-play functionality.

The Creative Live! Cam Optia is a USB-based web camera that works as soon as you plug it into the PC. There's no need to install drivers or software to start it up.

Designed for family use, it incorporates parental controls to ensure password-protected video instant messaging.

The glossy white webcam has a multi-axis swivel lens that rotates to almost any viewing angle up to 270º, and features a glowing blue light to indicate that the camera is on.

Bundled with the camera is a stereo headset and a suite of software to make operation better and more interactive.

The Creative Live! Cam Center lets you record video, snap stills, remotely monitor the webcam, and set up motion detection alerts. Live! Cam Manager brings up a control panel to let you switch between the functions of the webcam, while Advanced Video FX give you a choice of video effects.

Also included is Live! Cam Doodling, Photo Manager and Photo Calendar, and SightSpeed. The Optia is available for $80 in the US.