Creative as come up with a novel way of improving audio quality from MP3 and other music files with the Xmod.

The device, which is based upon Creative’s X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity audio platform connects between speakers or headphones and a PC, Mac, or digital audio player to upconvert the audio to 24-bit surround sound.

It operates by enhancing the low and high frequencies, analysing which parts of the audio track have been damaged during compression, and creating virtual surround sound. It can even put the voice of movie character or singer in the centre channel while playing background through the virtual surround channel.

It’s not the most portable of devices, however. Although it feeds off PC or Mac power when connected, for use with a DAP it has to be plugged in to mains power with an AC power adaptor.

The Xmod will be available sometime this month for £59.99