Creative has announced a price reduction for its Zen MicroPhoto player that puts it up directly against the Apple's iPod nano.

The announcement follows Creative's foundling CEO and Chairman Sim Wong Hoo's comments last year at the launch of the Creative Zen Vision:M launch that the company is going to be more aggressive in the MP3 player market, the company today has lowered the price of its Zen MicroPhoto player.

Priced to compete directly against the iPod nano, the 8Gb MP3 player will be reduced from £199.99 to £179.99 from today.

In a press release sent to Pocket-lint, Creative was keen to point out that “You can get an 8GB award-winning Creative MP3 player for the same price as a 4GB iPod Nano - twice the capacity, with quality and value for money”.

The company also confirmed that the new Zen Vision:M, 30GB video and music player, is available with an SRP of £249.99.

The Vision:M launched before Christmas is £30 more expensive than the iconic MP3 player from Apple. However Creative account the extra cost to a host of extra features including FM radio, better television output quality, and the inclusion of an AC charger in the box.