UPDATE: Creative have now sent through images of the player for us to share with you

Creative has launched the a photo version of its Zen Sleek MP3 player dubbing it the Zen Sleek Photo. The 20GB MP3 player and photo viewer features a new 1.7 inch 262k colour OLED screen.

Aside from the addition of a new screen and support for images the player is identical to the previous model.

Interestingly Creative are stating the same battery life even though most picture viewing based devices typically use more battery power when they are used for viewing images.

The Zen Sleek Photo also offers users several new options for personalising their player. Customisable themes, including Vibrant, Earth, Cool, Peace, Romantic, Pastel, Jungle, and Fire allow users to change the overall colour scheme of menus. Users can also select a favorite photo as a “wallpaper” background image on the Zen Sleek Photo and choose from a variety of coloured effects to change the look of the image.

Creative haven't yet set a price for the new player or got any images.

Will we keep you posted.