Creative looks set to launch a new MP3 player to not only go up against the likes of iriver, Sony, and Apple, but also its own MP3 player the Zen Micro.

While we thought that the Zen Micro was happy being the flagship of the company's MP3 range it seems it is to be replaced by another, more funky looking model that will sport colourful skins and go by the name of Zen Neeon.

According to sources on the internet, mainly Japanese site akihabaranews and American gadget blog Gizmodo, the new player will feature a 5Gb hard drive, come in 10 different body colours (rather similar to other models created by Creative), measure 46.9x79.9x15.9mm in size and weight 75 grams. Battery life is promised as 16 hours from a single charge and the player will support all the usual formats such as MP3 and WMA.

Connect will to a computer will be via USB2.0 and you will even be able to charge the unit by USB as well as by a standard AC adapter.

We spoke to Creative in the UK and they said that an announcement regarding this product in Europe would be made soon.

We will keep you posted.