Creative has launched two new flash based MP3 players today in the guise of the MuVo Micro N200 and the MuVo V200. Both new models will be available in the 128mb, 256mb, 512mb and 1GB capacities.

The MuVo Micro N200, its smallest digital audio player.Available in black or white, with a high-gloss finish the player has a bright blue backlit LCD display. The player plays and records FM radio and offers playtimes up to 15 hours from one AAA battery.

The player also includes a direct line-in recording feature to create MP3 files directly from a CD, MiniDisc or record player. Because it requires no software, users can also drag and drop music, files and images direct to it when it is connected to a PC.

Creative also announce a more traditional looking model - the V200. The player, which also boasts an FM radio and built-in microphone although no line-in feature.

Prices for both players are: 128MB - £59.99, 256MB - £79.99, 512MB - £99.99, 1GB - £149.99