Creative has launched a 5Gb Mp3 player to tackle the Rio Carbon and, more importantly in its eyes, the iPod Mini.

Entitled the Creative Zen Micro, the player will offer 5Gb of memory and 12 hour battery life.

More details of the player include 10 colour options; silver, black, red, orange, green, pink, purple, white, light blue or dark blue and a new shape on the Muvo2 that will include a vertical touch pad similar to the Zen touch and a blue glow when the unit is tuned on.

Aside from the colours and the 5Gb, the player also boasts a FM radio with 32 presets and the ability to capture 10 hours of voice recordings.

The player includes a belt clip that doubles as a stand, in-ear dynamic bass response earphones, a protective carrying case, a USB 2.0 cable, and a universal AC adapter.

The Creative Zen Micro is likely to be available in the UK around November and like the iPod Mini cost £179.99.