Creative are going up against the iPod and other large format MP3 players with its new model the Creative Zen Touch. The model, which un-imaginatively comes in white promises a battery life up to three times the amount of the iPod and 20Gb of storage.

Other innovative features on the player is a Touch Pad control, rather than being designed around the wheel motion on the iPod the Zen Touch is based around an invisible slider allowing users to scroll through menus quickly and easily.

The player can hold 10,000 songs and connects to a PC via USB2.0. The Zen Touch was also recently showcased as the first player to support upgrade to the next generation of Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology, a platform for providing exciting new subscription models for content download.

The Creative Zen Touch will cost $269 when it is launched in America sometime this month. Creative Europe has yet to set a release date or price for the UK.

In other MP3 player news - Apple is believed to be announcing a 60Gb player that will offer a 15,000 song capacity