Creative today announced the Creative MuVo TX 256MB personal digital audio player. Featuring voice recording capability, the Creative MuVo TX 256MB offers USB 2.0 compatibility.

The Creative MuVo TX 256MB comes in a striking black and white colour scheme similar to the Packard Bell Audio Key, can store up to 4 hours (60 tracks*) of music in MP3 or 8 hours (120 tracks*) in WMA and gives up to 15 hours of continuous playback from a single AAA battery.

Like other members of the MuVo family it consists of two parts, a USB-compliant flash storage module and the player module, which snap together.

The built-in microphone supports up to 16 hours of voice recording, making it ideal for quick voice notes or recording business meetings or lectures. Priced at £129.99inc VAT, the Creative MuVo TX 256MB will be available mid-April.