Creative has launched a new set of flagship gaming headsets in the form of the ZxR wireless headphones. Boasting a clever Sound Blaster chip inside, the headphones feature their own set of built-in sound cards to help boost audio quality.

All this high-tech gaming audio doesn't come cheap, with the Evo ZxR priced in at £249 and the EVO Zx costing £199. The former will launch in August this year, with the EVO Zx arriving in July 2013.

Built-in audio technology includes something called a Crystalliser, which reverse engineers low-quality audio sources back to 24-bit clarity. There is also some clever noise cancellation technology on the built-in microphone, which will result in just your voice been carried across in game, rather than any background audio.

All the audio functionality and processing of the new Sound Blaster headphones can be controlled via the Sound Blaster Central smartphone app, which allows you to tweak voice and audio playback.