The WP-Series of headphones from Creative not only feature Bluetooth capability, but they also have built-in 'invisible' mics so that they can be used for chatting on your mobile, as well as listening to music.

The new range is made up of three models - WP-450, WP-350 and WP-250. The flagship WP-450 headphones sport a slick design that can be folded up for storage and feature noise suppression and speech enhancement processing to make your phone calls more easy to hear.

The lightweight design includes leatherette ear cushions, while the controls are all located on the earcups. According to the maker, the headphones will offer extended music playback up to 8 hours and talk time of up to 9 hours. The headphones are bundled with a soft pouch for travel.

The mid-range WP-350 is the updated version of the WP-300, with the addition of the range's invisible mic. These headphones also sport a lightweight build and fold flat so that they fit into your bag easily.

Completing the range is the WP-250 which sports an in-ear, behind-the-neck design so it's well-suited to active types or those of you who simply want to keep their headphones as compact as possible.

The WP350 will be out in May, priced at £89.99, while both the WP450 (£119.99) and the WP250 (£59.99) will hit the shelves in September 2011.