Creative has come up with a mid-priced set of MP3 players for the Zen series called the Creative Zen Style range.

Slightly higher up in features and with the more horizontal looks is the Creative Zen X-Fi Style with a 2.4-inch LCD, 25-hour music playback (5 video), FLAC support, FM radio, alarm clock, calendar, voice recorder, built-in speaker and video out socket so that you can plug it into your TV and watch your portable files on the big screen too.

They're not as premium as the recent X-Fi 2 player, but they do still have the Creative X-Fi technology which attempts to upgrade the quality of compressed audio and video files. They're out from 14 April and come in 8, 16 and 32GB sizes and in a choice of black, red or white for £69.99, £99.99, and £139.99 respectively.

If you're after something more modest, then there's the Creative Zen Style 300 - the more upright one pictured. It comes with a 1.8-inch LCD, 35-hour music playback, no FLAC support, FM radio, alarm clock, calendar, voice recorder and built-in speaker.

They're out at the same time in white, black or blue for £39.99 (4GB), £59.99 (8GB) and £79.99 (16GB). If you'd rather save a little more, you can even ditch the FM radio and opt for the Creative Zen Style 100 range which are otherwise the same. They work out as £34.99 (4GB), £49.99 (8GB) and £69.99 (16GB).

Skins and accessories are available as well and all can be found as we speak in the Creative online store.