Creative has announced it is to enter the e-book reader market with the forthcoming launch of what's dubbed the "MediaBook" which will run on the company's Zii Plaszma platform.

It seems the tablet-esque device may fall more into the PMP category but boast ebook reading capabilities as it won't offer an easy-on-the-eyes E-Ink-type display - rather a touchscreen - and will offer a "media-rich experience".

The MediaBook, revealed at Creative's recent AGM, will boast text-to-speech functionality, an SD memory card slot, internet connectivity, and will offer "videos, pictures, text and [other] services".

Creative is said to be in talks with publishers to provide content for the device with "fiction, newspaper, magazines, education materials and textbooks" said to be in the mix.

There's no further details at this stage about the MediaBook, but we'll keep you posted.