Belkin's come up with a nifty solution to the iPod shuffle's biggest problem - the lack of controls on the device itself. The bundled headphones have a little controller that lets you skip back and forward, and pause/play, but what about if you want to use your own headphones?

You need the imaginatively-named "Headphone Adapter for iPod shuffle", which has a set of controls that you just plug your headphones into, rather than suffering with the default white earbuds. It'll allow you to adjust volume, skip tracks, toggle between playlists, and hear a song title.

The device costs $20, which translates to about £12 or so. It's going to be available in North America at the end of July, and make its way over to Europe, Australia and Asia in "mid-August". There's no confirmed pricing for the UK, but we'd bet at somewhere between £15 and £20.