Not the most glamorous of accessories, granted, but ones that will no doubt prove very handy.

As well as cases, Belkin offers a few little bits and pieces designed especially for the iPhone, and they're all modestly priced.

First up is the headphone adapter for iPhone which is priced at £7.99. This will let you connect your current, or indeed any "standard" 3.5mm stereo headphones to the iPhone.

It works with all Belkin cases and comes with a Belkin Lifetime Warranty.

Cabling makes up our other two suggestions, first is the mini-stereo cable for iPhone which at £12.99 offers a 3.5mm plug to 3.5mm plug and 1.8 metres of cable.

The stereo cable for iPhone, for the same price, offers a 3.5mm plug to 2-RCA and gives you 2.1 metres of flex. Both versions offer chrome-finished connectors and nickel-plated contacts.

All products coming soon.