Snowboarding, Skiing, dirt-biking, cycling or running, whatever your sport is, its better with your favourite tunes. So take your iPod with you! The SportCommand for iPod is a fabric armband that controls your iPod by touch whilst keeping the iPod secured, safe and out of harms way from the elements in your backpack, pocket, or jacket.

The SportCommand consists of a small transmitter which attaches to the dock connector of the user’s iPod and an armband that fastens securely around arm or wrist. With over sized buttons play/pause, next/previous track, and volume up/down controls are easily accessible – even with gloved hands.

Ideal for sports or other outdoor activities which dictate exposure to the elements, the weather proof material provides the control whilst your iPod is protected and safe.

The Belkin Sport Command for iPod is available for £64.99, and compatible with iPods with Dock Connector from 4th Generation and higher, including nano.