Belkin has announced availability and pricing for a couple of products already launched in the US, as well as a new trolley case for notebook computers.

The Weekender Trolley fits within the current guidelines for handluggage for planes leaving the UK, and features a removable sleeve for notebook protection, as well as a compartment for laptop accessories. It’s available for £75.

The Gigabit USB2.0 Network Adapter is now available in the UK for £20, and plugs into a free USB port to increase speed from normal 480Mbps performance to 1000Mbps.

The HDMI Switch, available for £120, lets you expand the high-def potential of your TV by increasing ports from one HDMI to three. A remote control lets you switch between devices plugged into the device.

And finally, the TuneTalk Stereo, which costs £60, expands the functionality of your iPod Video by recording audio with two omni-directional microphones that yield stereo playback. It comes with a stand for hands-free use, and fits most Belkin iPod cases.