Belkin hopes to do what Apple's Airport Express with AirTunes has done for Mac or PC users everywhere but for the iPod.

The company has launched a new device called the TuneStage for iPod that lets users roam and play tunes from an iPod up to 10 meters away via a stereo or home entertainment system wirelessly using Bluetooth technology.

The system works by plugging in a transmitter to the iPod and a receiver hooked up via RCA or 3.5mm to the home stereo system. The TuneStage fits all iPods with a dock connector.

Wirelessly connected through TuneStage, the iPod becomes the remote, giving the user the same functions as if they were using the MP3 player with a set of headphones. The unit draws power directly from the iPod and therefore no extra batteries or cables are needed to power the device.

The Belkin TuneStage is available now and will cost £99.99