After the success of its iPhone 5 and fifth-generation iPod touch covers, Belkin has also introduced a Lego Builder Case for the iPad mini.

Available in three colours - red, yellow and green - the case features an official Lego baseplate that you can attach Lego bricks to, either as part of the case design or to use to create magnificent structures. Of course, should you opt for the latter you'll not be able to use the mini at the same time, but it's still cool.

belkin expands lego builder case range to ipad mini image 2

As well as the Lego element, the tough polycarbonate casing features an integrated smart cover that wakes the tablet when opened. It also folds underneath to create a stand.

The Belkin Lego Builder Case costs £44.99 and is available now from You can also still get the iPhone 5 and iPod touch versions for £24.99 and £19.99 respectively, although the latter is not showing on the UK Belkin site at present.

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