It's been a day since Apple introduced the iPad Air, which means new owners will need yet another tablet case to protect their purchase. Have no fear, though. Belkin has just announced three keyboard cases under its Qode brand.

The Qode Ultimate Keyboard Case is the most expensive at £109.99. It has a folio design, black or white aluminum body and 264 hours of active battery life.

Next up is the ThinType Keyboard Case for £89.99. It has a silver aluminum body, iOS-specific function keys, magnets for a secure connection to the iPad Air, 4mm-thin form factor and 79-hour battery life.

The third and cheapest option is the £79.99 Qode Slim Style keyboard case. It's available in black, red, topaz, purple and sorbet colours, and it features a folio design and 60-hour battery life.

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If you want something with a little less productivity and more focus on protection, Belkin's iPad Air line has a total of eight cases and some accessories. Each product is available online at but isn't available for purchase until November. 

Check out the three videos below for more details on the above cases.