Belkin has announced that it plans to offer a variety of iPhone and iPod cases in collaboration with Lego. They will have a fun, interesting approach, letting users build their own case experience.

An exact release date for the cases wasn't mentioned, but Belkin did say that it plans to ship them sometime in 2013. The cases will begin with the iPhone and iPod and move to other platforms "over the course of the partnership". We assume this means Android, Windows Phone, or even BlackBerry support is in the pipeline.

"This partnership opens up a whole new audience for Belkin and we are extremely excited to work together on a line of cases based on iconic Lego toys that will inspire creativity and promote individuality in people of all ages," said Patrick Sullivan, director of product management at Belkin. 

Belkin, which is known for making several accessories for iOS but never getting too deep into the case game, didn't detail any specifics for how the cases would work. But a few product shots of the cases were listed with the press release to give us a little indication.

Would you buy a Lego phone case?