With eBook readers becoming the hot ticket in the consumer electronics industry as manufacturers expand their ranges to try and produce something we haven't all already got, it's perhaps no surprise that two new big names are bring linked to the devices.

Asus, maker of the game-changing Eee PC range, and MSI, a company that took the netbook and made it a success, are both reported to be preparing eBook readers for launch.

In the case of Asus, DigiTimes, a Far East manufacturing news source, suggests company prez Jerry Shen has said an Eee eBook reader is due "by the end of 2009 at the earliest".

Meanwhile, MSI is said to be "also evaluating the eBook reader market, according to industry sources".

There's no news on how the two companies plan to deliver content, and whether bookseller team-ups are under consideration.

We will keep you posted on this, and all other eBook reader news.