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(Pocket-lint) - Dashcams are pretty much standard in Russia, but the dashboard camera is slowly making its way to the UK too, and one of the companies that is letting you record your journeys on the road, is Asus.

We took the company's latest dashcam offering out for a spin on our 1,200 mile weekend trip during the Pocket-lint Three Peak Challenge to see what it's all about.

The new model from the company comes with a windscreen mount, detachable camera unit, GPS module, and a power cable long enough to snake around your dash so it remains hidden rather than dangling in your field of view.

The GPS module is built into the windscreen mount and connects via a secondary cable to the camera unit. A screen on the camera unit lets you access menus and see what you are recording, but an auto time-out on the screen means it is not a distraction while driving, even if all those cables are. 

Pocket-lintasus dashcam hands on recording your journey on the go image 2

There are two recording options with the Asus dashcam. The first is to have it constantly record in 5 minute chunks the moment you turn the car on, wiping the older videos as it runs out of space.

The second is an emergency recording mode can either be triggered by you pressing a physical button on the device the moment something happens, or by using the Bump Auto Record setting that allows you to set the collision intensity level that triggers emergency recording. The recording is saved to a protected area of the card that isn't overwritten by the normal recording mode.

Both have their uses as you can imagine, and in testing we opted for the former.

Videos are stored on to a removable micro SD card and you can change the quality of the video and whether you have audio turned on. The higher the resolution the bigger microSD card you'll need.

The above clip is filmed at 1080P HDR / 30FPS, then sped up 2x in YouTube. We've also added the soundtrack as no audio was captured. Recording at 1080P/30fps you'll get around 105-158 minutes on an 8GB card while swapping that for a 64GB card will give you in the region of 840-1,264 minutes.

If you are happy to take a hit on resolution to 720P/30fps you'll get 1,512 - 2,272 minutes of footage on the same 64GB card, enough to bore anyone. The highest resolution available is 1080P HDR / 30fps but you'll pay for it in storage space. You get just 94 minutes on an 8GB card.   

While the unit isn't the prettiest looking thing in the world, it does go about doing the job at hand without getting in the way. Operation is simple, and this really is one of those devices that you'll set up and then forget about it.

While recording every bit of your journey might not be that important for the school run, those that live in their car or van, seemingly 24/7, might find the added protection of recording what they are doing valuable.

The Asus Dashcam costs £89.99 and is available from Amazon or A1 Motors Stores.

Writing by Stuart Miles.