Asus, never shy with sharing concept designs and ideas, has unveiled its futuristic designs for this year's CES showcase.

Under the "Waveface" banner, the concept products are said to represent Asus' "context-based vision of the digital life".

This vision sees "every element in the user's environment, even down to the user's own physiology and emotional state as sources of data to help deliver the right information and services at the right time".

While we're not entirely sure quite what that means, we can reveal the three designs, the first of which is the "Waveface Casa" a large widescreen display which doubles as both an entertainment centre and internet portal.

"When not in use, a flexible, decorative cover obscures most of the screen only exposing small areas to display contextually-relevant information", says Asus.

The "Waveface Light" is "an interface to the cloud that features a touch-sensitive screen and backed by a soft, flexible material it can be used in a conventional screen-keyboard configuration or as a flat single-screen tablet".

Finally, the "Waveface Ultra" is a highly portable device that can be strapped to the wrist to then  provide access to information and services anywhere, anytime, so a kind of wearable computer watch.