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(Pocket-lint) - Aston Martin has made its most iconic car available for just £35k (plus taxes), except there's a catch: it's a two-thirds scale electric toy car. And yes, it costs about as much as a full-sized Tesla Model 3, but then the Tesla Model 3 isn't probably the coolest toy car on the planet. 

The iconic car company teamed up with The Little Car Company to produce the DB5 Junior and DB5 Vantage Junior, and from just the images alone, they've got so much of the detailing absolutely bang on. 

It's a two-thirds scale electric motor powered car that's big enough to seat an adult and a child side by side. It measures around 3 metres long and 1.1 metres wide. 

The Little Car CompanyYou can get an Aston Martin DB5 for just £35K, but there's a catch... photo 2

Its aluminium honeycomb chassis and composite exterior combine to create a rigid, but lightweight car that weighs just 270kg. And to power it, there's a 5kW/6.7bhp electric powertrain that feeds enough power and torque to the rear wheels that it can reach the dizzying heights of 30mph top speeds. 

Of course, Aston Martin being Aston Martin wouldn't team up on a project like this without making sure all the details were just right and so - while it's all much smaller than the real car - everything inside is designed to be a perfect miniaturised version of the real deal. 

The steering wheel is a 2/3 scale replica of the genuine article, with the dashboard featuring actual working Smiths instruments, just like the proper DB5.  Except, made for the electric power system. So what was the fuel gauge is a battery meter, and the oil temperature gauge is the motor temperature gauge. 

The Little Car CompanyYou can get an Aston Martin DB5 for just £35K, but there's a catch... photo 4

As if it needed to be said at all: it comes in Silver Birch, and its interior is a swish combination of black leather and carpet, plus a useable boot/trunk. 

The authenticity doesn't stop there either. The front feels are mounted to a double-wishbone suspension system, while the rear features a suspension system designed to look and work like the actual trailing arm suspension used on the genuine DB5. 

When driving, you have three modes. Novice mode keeps things slow and steady with just 1kW being delivered and a top speed of 12mph. Expert mode kicks it up to 5kW, with a top speed of 30mph. Race mode adjusts the acceleration and top speed to match other Little Car Company models for competition - because you can race these things (if you want to, and of course in safe conditions on a closed track). 

Oh, and there's a "rally-style hydraulic handbrake" because - at this point - why the heck not?!

The Little Car CompanyYou can get an Aston Martin DB5 for just £35K, but there's a catch... photo 5

So pricing. As we mentioned, there are two models: the DB5 Junior and the DB5 Vantage Junior. The former starts at £35,000 (before VAT) taking it up to around £42,000 including VAT.

The Vantage model - which comes with twice the power (10kW) and an unconfirmed, likely hairy, top speed - starts at £45,000 before VAT (£54,000 including VAT). 

Because no one spending that kind of money on a toy is going to want the same as everyone else, there is some prestige and plenty of customisation available here.

You can choose from a number of different interior and exterior colours, you can even add on accessories like cases, batteries and covers, plus opt for a personalised number plate. You also get a membership to the Aston Martin Owners Club. 

Just like the original, there will only be 1,059 models made and you'll be able to place a refundable deposit at TheLittleCar.co from 27 August, with production starting in 2021. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.