At Apple's keynote event in San Francisco, the company poured scorn on handheld gaming devices from Nintendo and Sony.

The company talked up the multitouch interface, accelerometer, library of games, and game-buying experience, along with the fact that the iPod Touch can also be used for listening to music and browsing the web.

At the same time, Apple slated its competitors reliance on retail, the price of their games, and the lack of other features, attacking Sony and Nintendo in its most public move yet.

Apple showed a graph citing its 21,178 titles compared to Nintendo's 3680 and the PSP's 607.

Ubisoft poured further salt in the wounds, coming on stage to say that the iPod Touch is "the place the be for games this Christmas".

Tapulous showed off a new game that looks remarkably similar to PC title Audiosurf, called Riddim Ribbon. When it arrives in October, it'll come with mixes from Tiesto and Black Eyed Peas bundles.

Gameloft then presented a first-person shooter title called "Nova". It features, according to the company, "the best graphics ever seen on the platform". It's controlled like a pair of dual analog sticks using the multitouch touchscreen. You can play multiplayer over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, as well as use voice chat.