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(Pocket-lint) - It doesn't have the camera that the rumour mill was promising, however it does pack a whopping 64GB of storage space for all those movies and music you've now got somewhere.

Focusing on games, games and more games, the iPod touch gets a slight refresh in size and speed, however fails to expand much further - many were expecting the addition of a camera.

"It's an entry-level app store experience - it has a fantastic set of apps, it's a fantastic movie player, a fantastic music player," an Apple dude told us at the London event, to which we replied:

"But not a fantastic camera?"

The response we got was that "You'll need the iPhone for that."

The iPod touch features up to 30 hours of music playback or six hours of video playback on a single charge. The 8GB model holds up to 1,750 songs, 10,000 photos and 10 hours of video; the 32GB model holds up to 7,000 songs, 40,000 photos or 40 hours of video; and the 64GB model holds up to 14,000 songs, 90,000 photos or 80 hours of video.

The 32GB and 64GB models also include up to 50% faster performance and support for even better graphics with Open GL ES 2.0.

The 8GB iPod touch is now available for £149, along with the iPod touch 32GB model for £229 and 64GB model for £299.

Writing by Duncan Geere.