Apple has announced, as expected, that the iPod nano will be getting a video camera and speaker. The screen has been lengthened to 2.2-inch diagonally.

In a move that had been predicted for some time thanks to cases leaked by Chinese manufacturers. Jobs talked up the thinness and capacity of the nano, as well as the quality of the camera that's getting integrated into the device.

However - one drawback is that the camera can't take still photos - only video. Apple told us that it records in 640 x 480, so any still you want to take out will have to be done in iMovie on your computer. It doesn't, however, have any maximum record time - it's only limited by however much storage you have left.

The nano is also getting genius mixes, text-to-speech functionality from the iPod shuffle, and an FM radio device - something other manufacturers have provided for some time. There's also a pedometer and a voice recording application.

The 8GB model will be $149 in the US and £115 in the UK, and the 16GB will be $179 in the US and £135 in the UK. Both are available today.