Apple has confirmed the rumours and announced a 3rd generation iPod touch, a new iPod classic, iPod nano and an update to the iPod shuffle in a full refresh of the company's music player range.

The basic stats are that the touch is getting a price cut, as previously detailed by Pocket-lint, along with a 50% faster processor and a more powerful graphics chip that can handle OpenGL 2.0, however no camera.

The 8GB iPod touch is now available for £149, along with the iPod touch 32GB model for £229 and 64GB model for £299.

The iPod classic is also getting a refresh - a capacity upgrade to 160GB at the same $249 price in the US and £189 in the UK. Apple says that should fit 40,000 songs on.

The iPod shuffle is getting an adaptor that allows you to use any headset with the device following a barrage of complaints over the previous version, and there'll also be a whole bundle of "made for iPod" headphones complete with inline remote controls.

It can now support multiple playlists, too. It's getting black, silver, pink, green and blue colours, and a $59 2GB model in the US and £45 in the UK will be offered in those colours, too.

There'll be a special edition offered, which costs $99 for a 4GB model made of stainless steel.

Finally the iPod nano will get a camera, as per rumours, and allow users to snap and video their life.

If that wasn't enough, perhaps conforming to every other MP3 player on the market, the nano will also get an FM radio.

It will cost £149 in the UK and $199 in the US.