Yes, it's 09.09.09. The day has arrived. The day The Beatles digitised 14 of their albums for download and the day Apple refreshes its iPod range at a press conference in San Francisco to be beamed around the world.

The internet rumour mill has been churning away pretty much since WWDC closed back in June. We've seen evidence at IFA, slips from Sky and even the odd word from the horses mouth. So, from the long shots to the nailed-on, here's a run down on everything on the grapevine.

It was a dead cert until a couple of days ago that the iPod touch would be getting a camera. After the evidence of cases at IFA with neat little holes in the back, that's been pretty much confirmed but the latest word is that something's gone wrong in the manufacture and that they'll be a delay. Well, possibly but that doesn't seem very Apple, now does it? Even if they're not immediately available, it seems likely that they'll still be launched.

It's also widely expected that Apple will introduce a larger 64GB version to the team and quite possibly the 3.1 version of the iPhone OS which has been in beta for some time now. There's even been a very reasonable suggestion that the touch will get the same internal bumps as the iPhone 3GS - faster CPU and more RAM - as well as the oleophobic screen and perhaps even GPS.

Highly probable, save the GPS

Nano cases with camera holes were also spotted in Berlin and if they can fit them in tiny mobile phones, then why not the diminutive podlet too? It may or may not be a slightly less powerful one than in the touch but we should see a slightly bigger screen to view the pictures on. Word is of a 1.5:1 ratio display, a possible new material casing, FM tuner and a redesigned, smaller click wheel.

Makes sense apart from perhaps the tuner

The classic is set to go one of two ways. There were no iPod classic cases with camera holes seen at IFA, so either there'll be no camera or no classic at all. The main thing the granddaddy of them all has going for it is the HDD, so either we'll see another jump to a 200GB version or beyond or it'll be time to wave goodbye. Expect outcries from audiophiles everywhere if the latter is the case.

A stay of execution

According to one site, sales of the lozenge-style iPod shuffle have not been going to plan since the launch at the beginning of the year. One suggestion is that the lack of buttons has been putting people off, so the rumour goes that we'll be seeing a new shuffle - only with some switches to play with.

No way, José

It's the right event to launch a new version of iTunes and just as we saw number 8 last year, expect to be given a run down of iTunes 9 this time around. The major additions are an integration of Twitter and Facebook and support of Blu-ray playback as well as a way to organise apps on the touch and iPhone to make them more manageable.

One of the most visible changes could come in the store part of the software with a more complete interactive album view for each track with artwork, lyrics, images and more. The idea would be to increase LP sales and it's been codenamed "Cocktail". There's also expected to be pre-cut iPhone ringtones available for purchase and, finally, one report doing the rounds was that iTunes was to go cloud-based. As much as this is expect for the future, it's probably far too early for such a move.

Yes to iTunes 9 but not in the cloud

The biggest will they/won't they of all has been over The Beatles' entrance onto iTunes. For every report you read that says yes, there's another that says no. The date is timed with the band going digital but word yesterday was that talks has stalled. However, it seems just too good to ignore and a slip on a prematurely published Sky News report had Yoko Ono confirming that a deal had been struck.


We've been told no, no and no again. Let's presume that's a no.


There was a brief suggestion that we might see a refresh of Apple's VoD service but that was pretty quickly snuffed out from the top. It may need a makeover but it's not coming today.

Not on the agenda

He's probably well enough to return to the front line but Stevie's bound to choose the launch of something a little more spectacular than a few upgrades. Wouldn't you? Chances are that he'll wait for the Tablet in January - unless, of course, he's a massive Beatles fan.


Stay tuned at 6pm GMT to find out how it goes down. We'll have it all here at Pocket-lint.