It's being reported that Apple's as yet unannounced next-gen iPods, that are said to boast built-in cameras, are facing production delays.

A rumour about a rumour if you will, the report from AppleInsider, comes just a day before Apple's high profile September event that's thought to be the launch pad for the new range.

A French Mac site is reporting similar, while AppleInsider's info comes from "a person with a strong track record in predicting Apple's upcoming product launches".

From AppleInsider: "The iPod maker has experienced technical problems (bad parts) with the cameras modules. The person said that it was uncertain whether the new hardware, which has been widely expected to debut at Wednesday's 'Only rock and roll' media-centric event, would make the cut for early September retail distribution".

A delay rumour about as-yet unconfirmed products goes some way to show how much hype Apple's press events generate. Fans will no doubt be hoping that the product announcements justify such pre-publicity. That, and that the delay is not considerable.